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Diary of an Itinerant Writer
Sunday, 15 March 2009
PC's and drywall
Whew! Talk about long days.

Work all day at the construction site and then on the PC's at night. I sleep at night dreaming of computers and drywall. Need to start reading or something before going to bed.

I am almost finished the first phase of working on the PC's. Soon I need to network them to the Ubuntu Linux server I have set up. As much as I like Linux, and prefer it overs Windows, networking Windows clients is a lot easier than Linux clients. Then again, I am new to Linux and an old hand with Windows.

I have received more offers of equipment and so will hopefully be picking up more this week. It quite amazing, people are so happy to donate old PC's and keep them out of the landfill. And the city I live is really quite small. I can just imagine how much success we would have in a place like Ottawa which is so much larger. Gives me some ideas!

That's it for now, back to the PC's and my marinating tofu.

Posted by irishcrows at 2:43 PM EDT

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