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Diary of an Itinerant Writer
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Poetry in New Brunswick

Some poetry inspired by the peace I have been feeling while in some New Brunswick woods.  This east coast wander has been so refreshing for my soul and invigorating for my spirit:



pine trees touched by the winds elusive whisper

as gnarled branches stretch for a desperate grasp

a glimpse of motion for the motionless

an ethereal backdrop to a sun glistened river

swollen with the springs runoff

sun dapples the moss on which i sit

bird song heard at a tantalizing distance

and i sit peaceful in the penniac woods

respite for my weary mind


the sun warms the winter’s ache in my breast

while a river’s breadth away lies highway 8

its asphalt beckoning my feet

and i know i will answer the call

but not today

today i rest on sun dappled moss

filled with anticipation


echoes of memories


the energy of my memories flits about this park

i wonder if  the tree and stones

recall the things i do

the laughter of my children

tumbles and echoes in the background

but only i can hear it


this grass nourishes the memories of many

this park has been the receptacle

of so many generations’ energy

the warehouse for memories of youthful days


as i sit in remembrance

there comes to me the sounds

of a new generation


perhaps the trees smile

at our illusions of permanence


shovel clangs on the barrow’s edge
another load of soil to move
painting a landscape with a laborer’s tools

siding slapped on the back of a shed
affixed with nails to this final wall
angles calculated for the remaining pieces
what another left as unwanted waste
finds find value in this one work

with sun soaked sweat
and rain rinsed determination
space is cleared for nature’s return

at day’s end awaits the buddha’s peace
rest in weary contentment
too tired for thoughts of myself

in this day’s labor - meditation




Posted by irishcrows at 9:45 AM EDT

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