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Diary of an Itinerant Writer
Friday, 4 May 2007
Guns in high school
Yesterday they locked my daughter's high school down because of kids and guns in the school.  as a parent of a kid there i've been working at staying in control and trying to understand.

the lock down, as far as I understand, is a code sent out and teachers lock down the rooms. all the kids know is a lock down has taken place - rachel didn't even know there were kids with guns. they all thought it was another drill.

after the VT incident, there was an article asking will it happen again, and to what degree. well, they keep on playing this shit up in the media (replete with the prerequsite and repeated CNN footage) and some pubescent and/or marginalized individuals hone in on it. their 15 minutes.

not sure how to handle all this. while i am glad that rachel felt no need to panic (she thought it was another drill) it concerns me greatly (understatement) that they even have to have these drills. as for trying to escort the kids out, not sure if that would work with somebody loose with guns. but i'm sure having the power of being able to force a lockdown is pretty intoxicating as well. as for assuming the worse, that "lunatic" kids were loose with guns, that is the sad state we have arrived at. we can't assume otherwise, else we might just end up with some more dead kids.

look what we have wrought.

in short, i have no answers. it is just extremely sad. that in the end my daughter was imprisoned in her classroom while students roam the hallways with guns (the inmates running the asylum.) and even sadder, that she just accepts it as part of her school life.

Posted by irishcrows at 12:32 PM EDT

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