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Irish Crows Productions

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Welcome to the web site of Irish Crows Productions!

A few years ago it occurred to me that there is more to life than mindlessly pursuing your career and chasing the almighty dollar.  What mattered more to me was writing and activism, working to bring about a positive change in this world.  On this  page, I'll introduce my chapbooks of poetry dealing with the human condition, as well as a series of children stories. 
Also included is my blog (Diary of an Itinerant Writer), featuring social activist news and rants from my travels. 
Check out the ezine I've produced dealing with the issue of sustainable development in africa.  Its called advocate (the).
And stayed tune for my latest project, the screen play for Sauntering Sandals.




Computers for Cameroon















pine trees touched by the winds elusive whisper

as gnarled branches stretch for a desperate grasp

a glimpse of motion for the motionless

an ethereal backdrop to a sun glistened river

swollen with the springs runoff

sun dapples the moss on which i sit

bird song heard at a tantalizing distance

and i sit peaceful in the penniac woods

respite for my weary mind

the sun warms the winter’s ache in my breast

while a river’s breadth away lies highway 8

its asphalt beckoning my feet

and i know i will answer the call

but not today

today i rest on sun dappled moss

filled with anticipation


Michael MacKinnon, 04/28/2007




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